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Watertown High School offers a dynamic learning environment with very favorable class sizes, a rigorous curriculum, and a wide variety of interesting and enriching electives. We offer over 30 different clubs each year, driven by student requests and interests, and often designed by our students. WHS has a competitive athletic program which is comprised of 26 athletic teams, many of which have garnered state and/or national recognition.  Located in the greater Boston area, Watertown High School currently has 765 students, which empowers personalized learning for all. Watertown High School students explore and shape the world around them through a variety of innovative learning experiences, leadership opportunities and partnerships with local businesses and colleges. Our student body is diverse, reflecting the ever-changing demographics of our community and our nation. 


R We RESPECT each other, and we respect ourselves.
E We are EMPOWERED to grow and pursue our dreams.
A We ACHIEVE as students and as well-rounded individuals.
C We aspire to CREATE something new from our knowledge and experiences.
H We HONOR our rights and responsibilities as members of this community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Watertown High School is to develop essential skills and promote civic responsibility in order to encourage lifelong learning. Our curriculum is designed to foster students' growth as creative and independent thinkers within a global community. We provide a safe, equitable, and nurturing environment in which students and faculty have the opportunity to realize their potential.


Resolution on Affirmation of Support for Staff, Students, and Community Members of Color

Whereas, People of Color face greater discrimination, structural discipline, lack of social support both in schools and in society at large;

Whereas, children, adolescents and adults in the Black community face higher rates of social and structural violence and racial discrimination,

Whereas, students’ and staff’s well-being is a fundamental concern of the Watertown School Committee and school boards across the country.

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Watertown School Committee affirms its immediate support to promote the needs and safety of all staff and students who identify as a person of color,

And Be It Resolved that the School Committee of Watertown, Massachusetts urges state and federal policymakers to support laws and regulations that:

  • Provide appropriate and necessary safety measures for People of Color during a period of unrest in this nation, and guarantee the rights and safety of all those protesting for their lives.


  • Hold accountable all public officials, police officers, and all those who serve their community for their responsibility to equitably represent and protect the public, and also hold accountable any individuals and organizations that take racist actions or in any other way do harm to the Black Community and People of Color.


  • Enhance programming to provide schools with the structure and guidance needed to provide an anti-racist curricula and professional development for all staff to build understanding and awareness of the beautiful history and the challenges of being a person of color, and of the structural and endemic racism in the United States.

The School Committee gives its support to responsible civic actions by students, educators and others who are raising the visibility of this issue and seeking changes in public policy.

Joel Giacobozzi
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