Student Clubs

A Capella
Dan Wulf

The A Cappella Choir is co-ed auditioned singing group that meets Tuesday nights from 7-9 pm throughout the school year. This is the
Watertown High School select choir, and we perform a variety of music, both modern and not so modern. Concerts are spread throughout the year.

Armenian Club
Siran Tamakian

Students meet to discuss issues relevant to the Armenian community within the school and outside of school. Also, students meet to plan fund-raising activities for scholarships and other worth causes. The club fosters involvement in the school and the community and in Armenia itself, to encourage the sense of responsibility and belonging, pride, and the desire in keeping alive the Armenian culture and language.

Art Club
Donna Calleja
Drop in art club after school on Mondays from 3:10-4:10. Open to all students. Students can join the club without enrolling in an art class during the day. 

Athletic Leadership
John Cacace

The Leadership Club is designed to teach athletes how to become better leaders. Members will read The Team Captain’s Leadership Manual by Jeff Janssen and meet weekly to discuss each chapter, as they become better leaders by example and better vocal leaders.

Badminton Club
Will MacLaughlin
Depending on the availability of the gym, this club meets once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 2:45 to 4:30. We welcome badminton players of all levels for some enthusiastic but casual play. We also love it
when faculty members make cameos!

Coding Club
Bryan Campbell
Learn the basics of block coding, web design, app design, ardvino and more!

Comic, Graphic Novel, and Animation Club
Michael Boyd
Discussion/Film viewings revolve around the appreciation of the richness of comic art from America, Japan, and other cultures, as well as an appreciation for culturally significant pop culture artifacts that have paved the way for the medium of big budget films that we enjoy today.

Dance Club
Kyeanna Parkin and Christina Nance

This club enables students to meet new people and express themselves through dance and movement.

Design Club
Beth Lloyd
The design squad will identify and solve problems for others using design thinking and digital fabrication tools.

 Early Bird Athletic Conditioning and Injury Prevention
Pat Ferdinand
Students will work on conditioning, balance, and strength training. Goal is to improve athletic performance and decrease injuries.

Environmental Club
Jennifer MacDonald
Students are working towards making Watertown High School “greener” by increasing awareness and recycling.

Fab Lab Club
Barbara Powderly
Students will learn how to work with the machines in the Fab Lab to work on designing an independent project.

 International Club
Jessica DePamphilis and JoAnne Morisseau
International Club members have an interest in international activities and issues. ESL and non- ESL students work together to educate the WHS community about international events, traditions, and cultures. We share food, stories and languages. We give back to our community while promoting a welcoming school environment. Everyone is welcome.

Jazz Band
Rosie Ward
Jazz Band is a select ensemble open to students in grades 9-12 by audition. Students perform many styles of jazz including funk, swing, Latin, and R&B. We rehearse on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00, and perform at the WHS Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as Band-a-Rama.

Math SAT Club
Melissa Pearlman
This club will meet two times a month to practice math SAT sections.

Model UN Club
James Buck and David Mastro

Students prepare for and attend conferences involving simulations of United Nations deliberations.

Morning Weightlifting Club
John Cacace
Provide students an opportunity to have supervised weight training in the fitness center four days a week.

NHS/Cum Laude
Adrienne Eaton

National Honor Society/Cum Laude is the Watertown High School chapter of the National Honor Society. Students are selected at the
beginning of their senior year based on academic standings, leadership, and character.

No Place for Hate
Mona Bouhafs
The club will meet in the morning to help promote a sense of community and make the high school a place with no hate.

Social Network and Social Butterflies
Robert Randall (SN) and Karen Bloomer (SB)
The Social Network and Social Butterflies are two extracurricular clubs at Watertown High School created to encourage friendships among the different social circles in our school. All members are treated as individuals who have something to contribute to the group. Club members are hand selected to ensure the most supportive environment for all members involved. The clubs are made up of students ages 14-21. The Social Network is a club for boys and Social Butterflies is a club for girls. We rely on teacher input when selecting new students to join us.

 Student Council
John Rimas
The Student Council is elected as representatives of the student body. The council meets weekly on various topical school related issues. The Student Council also organizes the annual WHS Blood Drive.

 True Crime Club
Christina Nance and Caitrin Zellers
A club where kids can participate in discussions about true crime and put on a mock forensic trial.

James Buck
Student directed club involving fundraising and consciousness raising concerning issues of children around the world. 

WGBH Quiz Show Trivia Club
Will MacLaughlin
A small group of students will get together to participate in WGBH’s High School Trivia competition.

Word Painter
Malcolm Cook
WHS literary magazine for students’ poems, stories, drawings and photographs


Baking Club
Jessica DePamphilis and JoAnne Spagnuolo-Morisseau

Students will be able to learn how to bake staple items such as pies, cookies, brownies, muffins, etc., in the school cooking room.

Book Club
Erin Piazza

The book club is designed to provide a space for students to read and share ideas about new and popular books in an informal setting. The club members meet once each month to discuss the book of their choice together as a group.

Chess/Checkers Club
Brian Foye
Club members will engage in competitive play of chess and checkers. They will learn new strategies and techniques. 

Class of 2019
Graham Madden
This group is made up of elected class officers, executive committee members. The club works to plan events and fundraise for class trips, and eventually the junior and senior events.

Class of 2020
Liz Mundy

This group is made up of elected class officers, executive committee members. The club works to plan events and fundraise for class trips, and eventually the junior and senior events.

Class of 2021
Teresa Malone and Erin McGovern

This group is made up of elected class officers, executive committee members. The club works to plan events and fundraise for class trips, and eventually the junior and senior events.

Class of 2022
David Mastro and Hillary Glencross

This group is made up of elected class officers, executive committee members. The club works to plan events and fundraise for class trips, and eventually the junior and senior events.

First Robotics Team #2423
Laura Alderson Rotondo
The Watertown High School Robotics Team was founded in 2007 to compete in FIRST Robotics’ FRC category of annual competitions. Cheerfully nicknamed “The KwarQs”, the team’s student ranks have grown annually from eight to 42 students. Three coaches and a handful of mentor volunteers from engineering, software development and other professional backgrounds guide the students through the process of preparing their readiness for the FRC annual competitions. The team meets weekly for the entire school year and almost daily during its six-week ‘build season’; where the group constructs a 120-pound robot from scratch to comply with and compete in a newly released FRC game.

Game Club
Ari Schwartz
Students will meet weekly to play games of their choice for an hour. This club is device free.


Gender Sexuality Alliance
Sean Morris
The GSA intends to create an accepting and inclusive school community for individuals of all genders and sexualities (LGBTQIA+). The group offers a safe space for students to come and socialize during weekly morning meetings, and occasional movie nights. We participate in activism, self advocacy, and plan awareness events like National Coming Out Day and SPEAK Week. The group also marches in the LGBTQ pride Parade in Boston every year. Please reach out to Sean Morris with any questions!. 

Hope Squad
Teresa Malone and Beckett Rhodes
Students will gather to decide pertinent issues surrounding mental health and suicide awareness. Students will explore ways to educate the community.

IDS Lunch Club
Hannah Brown, Sean Morris, Gary Bridge
The purpose of IDS is to create an open, tolerant, and unique atmosphere where students can study and socialize, can contribute to the community through charity work and political and social activism, and promote the ideas of tolerance, equality, self-respect, and respect for others. Membership in IDS isn't exclusive; the group is open to the entire student body-- without exceptions--to all those who embrace its ideals.

Pep Band
Dan Jordan

Band students play music and provide entertainment at home football games. We rehearse during class, but the performances take place at Victory Field from 6:30-9:00 PM on designated Friday nights during September, October and November.

Photography Club
Dan Dressler
Creativity starts here! Participants in this club will have the opportunity to apply their creativity to a variety of photography processes, collaborate on public displays and produce online portfolios of original work. Digital imaging and analog chemical processing will be explored. Grab a friend and join us for a fun afternoon of visual creativity!

Ping Pong Club
Theodore DiSciscio
Play and practice table tennis together.

Pride Committee
Adam Joyce and David Mastro

The pride committee consists of students, grades 9-12, that are in charge of promoting positive school spirit in the form of spirit rallies, spirit weeks, fundraising, in-game support, and the Mr. WHS Competition. All members are responsible for attending weekly meetings.

Raiders Study Club
Pat O’Neil
The club will provide after-school academic support for students and also community service opportunities for students who work as mentors.

Social Action
Christina Nance and Caitrin Zellers
This club will serve as a place where students can speak openly about concerns and issue around the school/world and brainstorm how to address them. 

Liz Mundy
This is a group made up of mostly seniors. They are in charge of creating, organizing, advertising, and distributing the yearbook. Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are encouraged to participate as well so that (1) we can begin to expand into being a full-school yearbook and (2) they can prepare for their senior year involvement.

Yoga and Stress Reduction Club
Teddy Disciscio, Laura Licuanan, and Christina Nance
Introduction to yoga asanas and discussion in reducing academic and social stresses.