WHS Room Reservations

  • Click on the calendar listed below to reserve one of the following rooms. 
  • Choose the date and click on the time slot. Fill in the details and save it. The time slots are set in 30 min. increments, so if you need to reserve the room for an hour you can select the next slot.
  • The only slots that show the room name are available for you to pick and reserve. Blank slots (no name) are reserved.
  • Once you reserve the room, it will appear on the calendar below.  Please do not include student names in the description of the event.  
  • If you need to edit/cancel a reservation, you can do so from your Watertown Google calendar, by clicking on the appointment slot that appears in your calendar, and then clicking "Edit/Delete".

Purple  - Alumni Room

Green   -  Lecture Hall

Yellow  -   Auditorium