Principal's Letter



09.06.2019 EDITION


Main Office: 617-926-7760

Attendance or Discipline: 617-926-7730

Guidance Department: 617-926-7736


The beginning of the school year is a very exciting time, as the students and staff return, freshmen have their orientation time and classes begin.  Outside of the school day, sports kicked into gear in mid to late August.  Clubs and Activities held an Activity Fair during lunches on September 6th.  Class elections will take place in the coming weeks. This year we welcome a larger freshman class than the senior class that left us in June and the building is bustling with energy and excitement.


We are also excited as we move through the pathways toward a new or renovated high school, in partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Association (MSBA).  We have successfully completed the Eligibility Phase and are a good way along the path of the Feasibility Phase.  Later this month, we will know which architectural firm has been chosen to help us to design and select among options for a great solution for Watertown High School students, now and in the future. There will be opportunities for the community voice in the process and we will let you know when they are scheduled.


We have adopted a new master schedule whereby classes experience a modified rotation of meeting times, in order to give every student an opportunity to enjoy their classes and learning experiences at different times of the day during a cycle.  Students who previously enrolled in Float classes (the only class the used to rotate) can attest to how a given class experience can feel different depending on the time of day that it met. Now, most classes will have that same opportunity.  To help in the transition, color-coded rotation charts are posted around the building.  In addition, Dean Brewer posts the particular day’s schedule in very large size letters, above the archway leading to the main staircase.  The announcements each day also state that day’s rotation. So far, it is working well!


Watertown High School is a great place to get a high school diploma, and we have many, many, opportunities for core courses, electives, sports, clubs and activities that many larger high schools do not. We have a rich and diverse learning environment that is framed with an overarching kindness by students, staff and families. I want to let you all know that I feel privileged to have been welcomed into this community of learners. This school year will be my last with Watertown, as at the end of it I intend to join my husband in retirement. He actually retired 6 years ago – the same year that I came to WHS.  Thank you for all I have learned and gained from each of you, and I look forward to a fabulous year!


There are a lot of things coming up in our new school year.  I want to point out a few of the ones coming up in the near future in this newsletter. Be sure to take note and join in!



Highlights of Upcoming Events

September 9 – PTSO Meeting; 6:30pm, WHS Library

September 9 – School Committee Meeting; 7:00pm, Town Hall

September 12 – Last day for schedule changes for Full Year and Semester 1 classes

September 12 – WHS Back to School Night; 6:30-8:30

September 19 – Parent Coffee with the Principal and Guidance; 8:15am-9:15am

September 19 – Senior Planning Night , 6:30pm-8:00pm

September 28 – Homecoming Dance

October 7 – WMS Family Open House at Watertown High, 6:30pm


Student Class Advisors:

Class of 2020 – Ms. Mundy

Class of 2021 – Ms. Malone & Ms. McGovern

Class of 2022 – Mr. Mastro & Ms. Glencross

Class of 2023 – Mr. Nabel & Ms. Bloomer



Please join us for Back to School Night this coming Thursday September 12 from 6:30-8:30.  You will visit all of your child's classes in A-B-C-D-E-F-G order.  Each teacher will tell you about the class and the expectations in it.  Please ask your student for a copy of their schedule.  We will have extras on hand that night, but it may cause you to miss some of the A period presentation if you have to wait in line to pick one up.


The first meeting of the GSA this school year will be on Tuesday, September 10th st 8:00am in Room 317.  All are welcome!


Volunteers are needed for Faire on the Square, Saturday September 28th from 8am-noon and from 3:30-4:30pm.  Please see Mrs Hoffman in Room 257 if you are interested.


Interested in Comics? Anime? The art of interactive gaming? Marvel/DC/Sci-Fi/Fantasy films?  First meeting of the year will be Friday, September 27th from 3:05pm-5:00pm Any questions, see Mr. Boyd during third lunch in Room 166.


Auditions for the Fall play “Peter and the Starcatcher” will be held Monday September 9th and Tuesday September 10th in the auditorium.  Please sign up for an audition slot on the sheet hanging on the auditorium door.  Please come see Ms. K in Room 246 with any questions.


Are you interested in computer programming or engineering? Would you like to be part of making a 125 pound competition robot? Join the WHS Robotics Team! To learn more about the team and our competitions, watch the recent TV news stories  Our first meeting is Tuesday September 20th at 7PM in Room 153.


Check out all of the great information at this link WHS Guidance News and Information

RAIDER TIMES Get all the latest news on Watertown High School from our

 award winning student journalists! Students interested in working on the Raider Times as editors, designers, reporters, writers or photographers, see Mr. Vitti in Room 345A. 


As mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, students are not allowed to bring any medication, either prescription or over-the-counter, to school.  With proper documents, students may carry insulin and enzymes, epinephrine, and inhalers with them. With signed parent/guardian consent, students may take Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin), and/or Calcium Carbonate (Tums) in the nurse’s presence, as deemed appropriate by the nurse. Please see the nurse if a student needs to take any medications and to find out what appropriate documents are needed.

All of the latest sports schedules may be found on the WHS Web Site under “Athletics”.


No bare midriffs and no exposed underwear are allowed.  Thanks for your cooperation.

HOURS FOR THE FITNESS CENTER (subject to change):

Monday           3:10 – 6:00

Tuesday         3:10 – 4:15

Wednesday    closed

Thursday        3:10 – 4:15

Friday              3:10 – 4:15

No student should be in the fitness center without supervision.

DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS are sent to first period teachers every morning and displayed on the Lobby TV.  You can also find them in your student email, on Twitter:  watertownhighschool@watertownhigh or at this link: WHS Morning Announcements

Please sign in at the main office any time that you have a meeting at, or are visiting WHS.  All visitors must leave a picture ID at the main office and wear a Visitors Badge during their visit.

Students entering the building must use the front door at all times during the school day. Please do not enter through side doors, do not open a side door to let a student in and do not prop or peg a door open.

Shirley J. Lundberg

Principal, Watertown High School